Our Stand

Electra Mining 2016, being Palama Industrial’s first exhibition of this nature, has been a great success. The exposure we have received as a relatively new player in the mining ventilation market has put us on the map.
Both our engineering and project management staff where on-hand to give visitors the best advice and support. Frédéric Waltregny, our technology partner from CBV fans of Belgium, was also assisting on the stand.

The highlight of the stand was a fully working 1:25 scale model of a typical bifurcated main surface fan installation. Instruments measuring both volume flow and pressure displayed data, in real time, on the large LCD screen. The motors were controlled via variable frequency drives which allowed the displayed fan curves to update according to the application of the Fan Law equations. The system resistance as well as the operational duty point were also displayed.

A control valve allowed us to regulate the system pressure showing visitors the relationship between the duty point, fan curve and system resistance curves.

A second screen also demonstrated the all-important operation of fans in parallel. This is one of the more difficult concepts to grasp by people in the ventilation market. With the interactive nature of the model and the live updating of the data on the screens gave visitors an instant view of the correlation between all parameters.

The impact of running a fan into the stall region was also demonstrated.

We were also fortunate enough to give a short training session to about 25 of Sibanye Golds young engineers. This was very well received considering the amount of questions that were asked after the presentation. Students from the various universities “Schools of Mining” also visited the stand.


Sibanye Gold Students Looking On